Godfather says Au Revoir

Amid the warring Britain in 1941, when Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson was born and the traditional Scottish celebrations had begun in a small unknown family of Scotland, nobody in the wildest of dreams would have dreamt that this man will do something that not even a few could do in entire lifetime.  That’s how special the great man has been ever since 1941. To many he would have sounded funny when he promised Manchester United that he will kick Liverpool of the fucking perch. He did what sounded seemingly impossible to achieve  in a century in 1/4th the time. After 26 years 6 months and 6 days, he has earned himself a stature so big that he is a human being very close to god.

Greatest manager of all time.
Greatest manager of all time.

You could feel the love he had for this great football club in the farewell speech that he made, you could feel that Manchester United FC is more than just  anything, its his life.  His voice wobbled when he thanked the entire Man United organisation. We will remember the immortal for everything that he has given to us. For the “Football bloody hell!”, for the famous 1999  half time talk, for the way you said “Suarez is a disgrace for a football club.”, for the most  stylish way in which you walked into the football field, for everything that you have given to me and my United family, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, you will be missed. United For Life.

– Sachin Sengar
(co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)