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Humanity Stands Tall

All the luxuries have I
Possessed like a babysitter’s lullaby
I m flying in the furious flight
That pushes me to think that might
I posses my passion before my pride
I shall be escorted by a fairy guide!

But before I begin to break my braces
And you send me beyond the human traces
I may force myself above all
To accept that humanity stands tall!

Humble as I should be
Not replicating the intentions could be
The cause of my deadly downfall
And therefore I shall accept that humanity among all stands tall!

Learning to accept the nature’s faces
Perceiving the precious pearl like phases
Of life that guide us all
That humanity among all stands tall!

Walking down the forest floor
Hearing the hairy kings roar
Felt my nerve and must I call
That humanity should stand tall!

Blessed by a bountiful business
Coping with the morning dizziness
I wish I remain earthly after all
Humanity among all stands tall!

Success is a cause of humanity
Wisest is being human quality
Those gentlemen have made us crawl
towards a notion, humanity among all stands tall!

Inspiring as bowman’s shot
Soothing as a DIXCY SCOT
Obvious as a march past call
That humanity stands tall.

– Sachin Sengar


What happened to Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was a socialist country and was very much different than other communist countries in eastern Europe.

Tto make it easier to understand, Yugoslavia was only “COMMUNIST” country in which you could FREELY buy Mercedes (or any other western car), drink Coca Cola, smoke Lucky Strike, wear Levi’s, after UK, Yugoslavia had second biggest production of rock songs in Europe, and you could travel freely through western (capitalist) countries,only thing you needed for that is Yugoslav “RED” passport.

Fall of communism in eastern Europe didn’t hit Yugoslavia too much, as it did other countries. After Tito’s death in 1980, two new problems started in Yugoslavia, economic crisis and nationalist movements (firstly Albanian in1981, later Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian…).

In 1989 economy was again in control, but the strong nationalist movements began to break up the country. Serbs wanted Big Serbia which would be half size of Yugoslavia (they wanted to unite with Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia), Croats wanted independence but Serbs in Croatia (more than 500 000) didn’t wanted to live in independent Croatia so civil war started, same thing happened in Bosnia.

Here are the consequences:

1. Wars from 1991 until 1995 and the Kosovo war, bombing of Serbia in 1999.

2. Economy is ruined (except in Slovenia), downfall of moral system, corruption, rising of organized crime, low living standard.

3. Many dead,missing and exiled from their homes…

Yugoslavia wasn’t destroyed because of the fall of communism, but because of rise of nationalist pride and greed, manipulation and lies.

4.In Yugoslavia people were optimistic,idealistic and pride,safe,from the ruins of war new people arise,people who are pessimists,afraid and full of hatred toward one another.

It is funny thing that they are now arguing who destroyed Yugoslavia,because they feel guilty of destroying best country they had.

In summary, the breakup of the Soviet Union had little direct effect on Yugoslavia; Yugoslavia did not depend on the Soviets for anything. However, the momentum in Europe as countries like Lithuania and Latvia became independent and Germany re-unified, did all have some impact on Yugoslavia.

– Sachin Sengar ( Editor)

Siliguri Tales


My remote recollection of Siliguri has a lot to do with imaginary build ups, the aura of the town, some self fabricated hypothesis and the smell of tea leaves. I am not the right person to even tell you the monuments/heritage in the town to add to how peaceful the town is. The piece is a mere recollection of small aspects and traits of the town that provoke freshness and peace in my conscience. Siliguri is a small town in the footsteps of Himalayas in northeast India siting at the upper outskirt of West Bengal. I was one year old when dad had to move away from Dalhousie. The new city that I had to move into was somewhat remote, was not even scenic paradise like Dalhousie was, but was toned like an unheard yoga maestro. Perfect is the word. Healthy air, clean water, moist soil, not very well off people, happiness, Chinese toys and  a few more various randomly stacked look-backs are a part of my super short Siliguri tales. I can recollect that the street culture of the city was a mix of Sikkim, Bengal and Assam with a Chinese topping. The land of one of the best Momos you with ever come across, the constant battle of hide and seek with the clouds is a constant but not a monotony. Walking down a Siliguri street you will end up on a roller coaster ride as far as the footwear is concerned, from stylish, colorful and pirated Nike, Addidas, Reebok, Umbro to plane black leather middleclass Bata office chappals worn by Lean lanky proper spectacled Bengali uncle. Siliguri was a lot like a multicultural, lower middle class, integrated society and whenever I try recalling my 4 years of my early childhood there, what flashes across the memory is a picture of any random episode of Malgudi Days. Bounded by stretches of teagardens on almost all sides of the town, the main occupation of a common man primarily comes from collecting tea leaves and the further treatment of the same for commercial use. I recall that the most colorful days at Siliguri use to be the festive season of Durga Puja when big wooden structures called Pandals were made to establish the Goddess Durga statue and for the days it lasted, Bengal’s love for art could be seen loud and bold in various Pandals across different parts of the town. Dance performances, drawing completion and different artistry were constants at each Padal venue. The city housed large number of artisans, owners and workers of numerous cottage industry. Just the smell of the place when I try to recollect, sends a feeling of freshness, peace and simplicity down my spine. For a cultural freak like I am, it is a must visit place for to admire cultural beauty.



– Sachin Sengar (Chief Editor, Backroom Defiance)

– Image Courtesy – Google

Arturo Vidal – Luxury or Necessity?

Chievo - Juventus

Arturo Vidal has been at the center of the biggest transfer saga this summer with quotes flying left, right and center, ITK’s coming up with stories and of course Conte’s resignation ( coincidence? ) as Juventus coach. There has never been a dull moment in the past month or so, but is the man really what Manchester United need?


Having seen Louis Van Gaal’s philosophy, it’s clear that he prefers a central midfield of 3, the playmaker (10), the runner (8), and the engine(6). Looking at the options United have, Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney, Adnan Janujaz and Shinji Kagawa can all play the playmaker role behind the 2 strikers in the 3-5-2. Also having bought Ander Herrera this summer, United now have one of the most talented box to box midfielders in Europe. The third position, is something United have been lacking since the time of Roy Keane, i.e. the engine in midfield. Anderson looked promising only to disappoint after one good season, and Carrick, Tom Cleverly and Darren Fletcher all not good enough to start day in day out. Fellaini has the strength to shield the back 4, but sadly has no mobility and is best used as a No. 10. Arturo Vidal is regarded by many (and himself) as the best in what he does, and that is being the most perfect box to box player. Unfortunately, United have just signed Ander Herrera and Vidal would be wasted as a number 6, as that is something that would repress his abilities, much like the case of Shinji Kagawa, unless LVG decides to bench Herrera which, in all honesty is unlikely.


In an unbiased view, United could ideally do with a midfield enforcer in the mould Of Kevin Strootman or William Carvalho, who in theory would be the midfield enforcer United desperately need. Both have the mobility as well as the strength required to settle in the premier league, whereas Kevin Strootman has the additional gift of creativity which is why LVG is a big fan of his, perhaps one of them could be the final piece in the puzzle the Manchester United Midfield is?

Let us know who you think would suit Manchester United’s midfield.

– Divjot Singh(Editor, Backroom Defiance)

– Image Courtesy – Google



Today, the problem is that we have all stopped believing and have agreed to settle for what we get, for mediocrity, for norms and for monotony. We have stopped digging into situations for solutions and let them be. We have stopped working for more but increasingly want more. We have stopped trusting our abilities and judging our actions and let others do it for us. We no longer have the urge to learn, we are no longer driven to explore. But today I realised that in life going with this flow is no less than having your life wasted. I want to believe in all of it again. In food, art and love. In the beauty of nature, poetry and women. In search of hope when there is dark and in the presence of faith when all you have is dejection. I want to believe that love conquers all and that people are perfect and knowledge is infinite. I want to believe that future has something great in store. I want remind someone who has lost all faith that God does not give up on us so easily. In this gloomy world which has lost all hope I want to introduce some light that clears this darkness. I want to believe in a personal God who cares about me and oversees everything I do and I want to believe in an impersonal God who promises to rise this pall of hatred and promote love when we all give up. I want to believe that mud and children were once best friends and that unless you dig deeper in your fudge you won’t find the last walnut bite. I want to believe in cruelty and loyalty to know their real worth. I want to believe in casual chaos, in the uncertainty of ideas and decisions, in blind sheer luck and equally rewarding hard work. I want to believe in the beauty of horizon just before the sunset, in snow caps and in rainbows. I want to believe that life is hidden in little things of joy, and that trust and mistrust are not to be blamed for heartbreaks. I want to believe in the invisible principles that govern our lives and I want to believe in the power of our superego. I want to learn to respect imperfections and settle in agreement with myself with respect to my conscience, decisions, vision and view of life. I want to believe that life is what happens while we are alive so why not we make the most of it.


– Gauri Bansal (Editor, Backroom Defiance)

– Illustration by Suprabho Dhenki



It is said that the most courageous act of a brave person is the one in which he can confidently look into the eyes of the thing he fears the most, fearlessly. In about 11 months from now I’d be done with my school life and instead of being optimistic and uncertain about the new life that I am going to enter, I fear turning oblivious to these 14 years that I have spent in my alma-mater. Childish giggles will soon be replaced by mature smiles, cranky tantrums into unexpressed stress, my decisions then could change my life and I would no longer have second chances to correct my mistakes. Had it not been for these years, I would not have been proud of a zillion memories that I have today. I fear not being able to be dependent on my parents, I fear success, I fear failure, I fear isolation in the hard times that I will have and I fear oblivion. Your primary school is your best guide, your elementary school, your best friend and your high school is your best teacher. Look at who you are today, you weren’t the same a few years back and you won’t be the same a few years from now but I believe you will always be a part of what you have been all through. Going on in the big world and having to fight for your own survival, not being able to seek through doors to find candy jars, not being able to hide test papers anymore, not being able to dance my way through corridors, not being able to amble around aimlessly without any responsibilities, not being able to catch butterflies and being amused by nature and art is what I fear. Having made these confessions, I realise it now that it does not matter how many hurdles have your overcome by now, what will always be of more importance is realising which hurdle scared you, which taught you and which made you fall. There is a grand and an unstoppable life awaiting you and this time the hurdles are unknown, the opportunities are limited, success is uncertain and chances of errors are maximised. I don’t fear moving on, I fear not being able to relive these wonderful years gone by. But you have a choice in this world, either be scared of your fears or mould yourself, create the ideal you, and be the kind of person, you have aspired to be all your life.

-Image Courtesy – Suprabho Dhenki

– Gauri Bansal (Editor, Backroom Defiance)


Cell Phone Story – A Marketing Strategy Revelation

                                                               Image Courtesy : Google

Smart phone brands like Sony, micromax, Samsung and
HTC hardly manufacture a phone which has the potential
to establish astonishing benchmarks.
The reason behind this is a simple marketing strategy, that
if a user gets a full fledged smartphone without any
feature lacking, then he/she would not be buying any
other flagship in future as it would only suffice their
The main problem observed with these smartphone is that
either of the CPU or GPU in a phone restricts its full
potential to deliver optimum performance. Phones that
have got a support of mediatek processors(ranks after
Qualcomm) hardly supports a better GPU. Micromax is the
best example as they are continuously manufacturing
units with CPU support of Mediatek and GPU support of
PowerVR series. This the sole reason that though it has
the power of a quad core processor but high end games
like nova 3 and dead space performances are
underwhelming with low fps.
Similarly, Sony smart phone hardly manufactures any
phone with better GPU in the budget of a comman man.
Their aim is to somehow turn a mobile phone into a
camera and are still boasting on their exmor lenses.
HTC on the other hand has decided to offer the luxury of
carrying a branded phone with high performance to upper
classes. As if it is some kind of discrimination.
Samsung is just concentrating on providing an upgraded
version of their previous flagship with same curved body
boring design.
LG seems to be only concentrating on nexus devices and G
series providing at higher costs.
Other specs of a phone that the company plays with are
1. Restricting internal storage.
2. No memory slots.
3. No dual sim availability.
4. Non removable battery.
5. Screen size.
6. Camera quality.
7. Pixel density.
8. Screen resolution.
Other features like ram and internet speed are almost
same in every model.
At this particular point in the field of gadgets and devices
their are some brands like Google, xiomi and Asus which
are doing a great job by providing phones like moto x, mi
3 and Asus zenfone6 respectively at affordable prices.
Windows phones are the best when it comes to
performance and imaging.
An ideal smart phone with high performance can be
manufactured around 15k – 20k. With specs of
1. 2gb ram.
2. 8 GB internal memory.
3. 1.5 GHz quad core processor.
4. Adreno 330 GPU.
5. Dual sim.
6. 5 inch full HD screen with approx 314ppi.
7. 2500 mah battery.
8. 13 mp primary and 5 mp secondary camera.
9. 64gb expandability.
10. Screen protection.
But hardly they manufacture awesome stuff like this as
people will stop buying their other models. So, these
brands never provide the above mentioned specs in a
single device at affordable rates.
This is the sole reason that people are switching phone
more often and accelerating the never ending urge to get
an ideal smartphone.


– Arpit Dubey (Tech Editor, Backroom Defiance)