India, Pakistan and Stupidity

The disintegration of India on religious grounds was one the consequence of United India being a society flooded with backward, narrow-minded, un-secular, selfish, greedy and illiterate religious as well as political leaders. One instance of non-sense decision-making, which was inevitable by 1947, led to 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 uncalled for clashes. Between these dates are infinite numbers of incidents of relatively smaller magnitude but have shaped this ‘illogical’ rivalry strongly. Some might argue that the colonial rule planned this partition and talk about the famous ‘divide and rule’ strategy used by the United Kingdom, but my question is “Was a country of 300 million that big a dumbfuck that I could not understand what the colonial masters are upto or we never wanted to act?”. Whatever may have been scenario back then, one thing we can conclude from it is that we are facing the wrath of it now.

#amankiashaA Pakistani cricketer can’t feature in the IPL because a Pakistani soldier beheads an Indian soldier at LOC. A Pakistani Prisoner is beaten to death in an Indian prison because an Indian prisoner was beaten to death in Pakistani prison a week back. Pakistan captures Kargil, because India captured Siachen. So quite clearly we’ve played a ‘tit for tat’ game against each other to maintain the hatred, gain absolutely nothing and showcase our blunt stupidity. And we deserve some recognition for that.
Apart from allowing a slow growing China in 1950 to become a superpower and a virtually a dictator of terms in the neighborhood in 2013,  maintaining the rivalry, and holding the tag of being one of the most hunger stricken nations on earth, both of us have managed to become nuclear states. This is the story of  two nations that cannot feed their children properly but can feed their nuclear projects quite handsomely to fight an ‘illogical’  war that is ongoing for 66 years. I feel sorry to write this blog, but there is as alarming need for us to grow up and act like the children of ‘the oldest civilization’ on earth.

With Pakistan engaged in internal challenges and India dreaming of ‘mission 1942’ we need to look upon the ground realities and understand an a fact that “India and Pakistan can be each other’s biggest strengths.” How? If we analyze the world map carefully we stumble upon a stubborn certainty, that most superpowers on earth maintain highest order of regional co-operation and well-being and in India’s case Pakistan is one of the most important player in India’s subcontinent. ‘Aman’ (peace) with Pakistan to India means a deduction in defense expenditure, increase of economic activities, increase in people to people connection which in my opinion are some of the key ingredients in the recipe of a “SUPERPOWER”. For Pakistan it is holds much more value. Peace with India means, deduction in defense expenditure of a bankrupt nation that is fighting a self imposed war on two fronts. Peace with India means complete military focus on the western front, Baluchistan and home grown extremism; it also means an exponential boost to a broken economy. Beside all these selfish objectives, peace will pave the path of a phenomenal emotional integration of two of the most same people disintegrated by a thin strip of land, 66 years back .

– Sachin Sengar (co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)
Email- sengarsachin0@gmail.com


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