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Seven days a week, we rise early, rush through the morning regime and make it to class, take rounds in clinics and spend wee hours into the night cramming up information inside our heads only to desperately grope for its meagre remanants the next day.And the cycle resumes again because we’re medical students. And we serve humanity, slowly passing into oblivion in this changing world.


The pure, innocent, unbridled minds are honed with countless stories of kindness and morals from a young age, but the second they emerge from the fantasy to the perils of the real world, it’s nothing but a fable written by the deluded. In a world where the cunning prevail and the sincere, honest man struggles to make ends meet, a cold sense of indifference soon hardens a benevolent heart. The tainted pages of history are evidential of a blasphemous world where killing and war were glorified, gruesome forms of execution were deemed entertaining by the mob and women were considered solely as mediators of childbirth unworthy of respect. Today, we claim to have overcome such brutalities of the past, but have we truly?

Where is the compassion when the media is flooded with news of a two year old being raped or a child being sexually assaulted by his very own relatives. The country reeled in shock with the cold blooded murder of Nitish Katara for the simple reason of being in love and countless other couples who have been slain just because their families value a misnomer of ‘honor’ above all else. Elderly senior citizens live bereft in a rootless existence when their very own children shirk from their pleading hands. Young budding students are driven to contemplation of suicide owing to bullying and isolation by the ‘better sought after’ lot. One man fires at another just because they live across a border. Men are beaten up over parking brawls. The heart wrenching nirbhaya case that shook the world was an ignominy not just for the vile culprits but our entire society as well, for failing at humanitarianism.

Mankind may have advanced past horizons in every field but sensitivity is something we might be deteriorating at. Ambition, greed, intolerance and envy shadow even the smallest sliver of the light of reasoning, comprehension and compassion trying to escape our inherent being. And so long as this cloud looms over us, we are sure to head towards an apocalypse. Hitler has gone and left an atrocious blot on humanity which can never be washed off but only dimmed by people like mother Teresa, Florence nightingale, Oskar schindler who too continue to leave this world behind in turmoil. After watching a movie like ‘interstellar’ which highlights the sole existence of life as the human race in this infinite expanse of the universe, one understands the sheer incongruity of war and petty fights with their grievous consequences. Blinded by race, class, wealth and power, somehwhere down the line we forgot we belong to the same species, empowered with the ability to comprehend each other’s despair and obliged by a moral duty to help each other.

Time has come to lay down the barriers, both mental and physical and emerge as the united race that we are. Perhaps then we could make this world a better place to live in and tide over the abyss that threatens to engulf our being.

– Nidhi Gupta 


A Degrading Phenomenon

The irksome obligation of graduating from college, the absurd provocations of society to procure a secure future, a bank balance, material excess, formal human relationships and search for fame has led man to a point when he calls the world he lives in “developed”. Scientific developments, infrastructure has pulled us back from our engagement with nature, the truth that supports life on earth. Human’s direct interaction with nature has suffered a knee – jerk blow, to put it politely. The comforts, the luxuries, the advancements have taken us away from our raw existence and the purpose of why we were born. Therefore, we live a major proportion of our lifespan virtually, away from what’s raw and real.

I am writing this but I want fame, I want money like each one you do, at the same time I know that if I’ll be doing that, I’ll be lying to myself. But why can I not do it, if I claim to know the reality, and the kind of mess I am heading into? Maybe I do not have the balls to do it, in fact most of you do not have the balls to run away from the societal obligations you have been nurtured into for years. The saddest part is that, we do not feel the obligations, we are accustomed to them so much so that we have accepted them, at the cost of the purpose of our living.

I have been a mediocre student in school, and a below mediocre in college. People judge me, they doubt if I’ll ever be able to complete my graduation. Assignments not done, projects not completed, exceptionally bad evaluations and all that results into an exceptionally bad degree or maybe not even a degree. The loved ones, loved me, because I am irresponsible and therefore they do not see security of a possible common future. ‘Taking tomorrow’s exam and proving that I am good to claim that piece of degree is more important than my freedom of life’. ‘I must cancel my excursion trips because I am not granted holidays for the same.’ So in a concrete dot, I have pushed myself to engage in obligations that hold me back from what’s true and what guarantee a monetarily/socially secure future which of course gives you a social status. But my question is isn’t a secure future the biggest enemy of an adventurous soul?

– Sachin Sengar

(Editor- Backroom Defiance)

Delhi’s most haunted!!

The Tree near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

Many people would have noticed a tree near dwarka sector 9 metro station, the tree is right on the middle of the road. People travelling in call centre cabs at night have experienced an energy slapping them and a woman appearing and disappearing or travelling along with the speed of the car. All this started to happen when a school girl was accidentally killed by a school cab in 2004. Yes, it sounds creepy but according to many, it’s true.

Jamali-Kamali Masjid

At a walking distance from the QUTUB MINAR is a park called Jamali Kamali park, situated inside the park is Jamali Kamali masjid. Jamali and Kamali are not the name of ghosts. They were two noble Sufi saints who were buried in the tomb here. But some jihns do haunt this tranquil masjid. If you visit this haunted spot, you could expect to be slapped by invisible hands and chased by the wind. This haunted place in Delhi is always avoided during the night time.

Dlhi Cantt:

This is the most beautiful and greenest stretch of Delhi. That also makes it the creepiest of places to ride alone. Many people have reported that a lady dressed in white hitchhikes on this road.  It is reported that this place is haunted by a vengeful spirit of the lady clad in white sari asking for lift from the motorists. If people don’t stop their vehicle, she starts running swiftly with the same speed and reaching ahead of them. Some people claim that possibly the lady was a traveller while alive; hence she waves at lonely passersby to stop. There is another true Indian ghost story which says that a woman in white dress roams around the Ashok Vihar flyover between 1am and 4am. Anyone who passes by at that hour, and stops to ask her for directions, will not find their way home that night. Their vehicles break down or they go around in circles.

Sanjay Van:

The lone forest area in Delhi has not been spared by the restless spirits of the city. This forest is famous for its old and winding banyan trees. Many hikers have reported seeing a lady dressed in white walking among the old banyans and disappearing suddenly. If you see the ‘White Lady’, please tell her to get out of that white toga; it is becoming such a cliche for ghosts.

Khooni Darwaza:

The name itself suggests that the place is eerie. The Britishers stripped and shot the 3 surviving sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar here after crushing the Sepoy mutiny. The 3 Mughal princes still haunt this doorway and wait to avenge their public humiliation. So if you are English, keep out of this haunted place in Delhi!

by – Sachin Sengar ( Chief editor – Backroom Defiance)
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gradesWe Indians are very proud of our Mathematicians and often boast our gifts to modern world in form of decimals and zero. But modern day Indian’s have found whole new form of love for numbers. Indians live for them and can die for them. They are just so addicted to them. But, this addiction of numbers is not helping us anywhere.
We Indians are capable of using numbers successfully as a marker of each other’s success. In the process we successfully overlook other markers which are important for character. Now you must be thinking which numbers I am referring to. By numbers here I mean Grades/marks of college and school, Ranks we get everywhere and our Bank balance. Our lives revolve around these numbers and we sweat are ass off to maintain them.
While in school we our intellect and diligence is measured in terms of our marks. But most of the parrots are tagged smart, intelligent and intellectual. The previous generation of Indians still believe that the marks we get in 12th standard decides our future and it’s quite difficult to make them understand they don’t.
Most parents boast their offspring’s rank in entrances to establish their superiority in the society. And they expect their children to live up to their great expectations. But how should we make them realize that there can only be 100 people in top 100; and that everyone is not equally capable.
Then comes the college where there we’ve fight for Grade Points. More the grade point , more is the probability of getting a good job, having an extravagant bank balance and getting a good suitor for life partner. The moment you realize that our whole future depends on our grades in college and pressure definitely mounts by factors on tens.
Skip to jobs, and your bank balance, and price and area of your property and your family spending become your marker of success. And hardwork, honesty and talent doesn’t count much. Then we wonder why there is much corruption in the country.
Even success of movies is measured in terms of their net grossing. But Paan Singh Tomar, Gangs of Wasseypur and Sanghai will remain far better movies Than Jab Tak hai Jaan, Dabangg and yeh jawani hai deewani and other movies in so called “100 crore club”.
Even after you die they measure the worth of your life in terms of value of property you left.
So u see, Numbers are sooooo important for Indians.
-SuprabhoD (email-

Godfather says Au Revoir

Amid the warring Britain in 1941, when Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson was born and the traditional Scottish celebrations had begun in a small unknown family of Scotland, nobody in the wildest of dreams would have dreamt that this man will do something that not even a few could do in entire lifetime.  That’s how special the great man has been ever since 1941. To many he would have sounded funny when he promised Manchester United that he will kick Liverpool of the fucking perch. He did what sounded seemingly impossible to achieve  in a century in 1/4th the time. After 26 years 6 months and 6 days, he has earned himself a stature so big that he is a human being very close to god.

Greatest manager of all time.
Greatest manager of all time.

You could feel the love he had for this great football club in the farewell speech that he made, you could feel that Manchester United FC is more than just  anything, its his life.  His voice wobbled when he thanked the entire Man United organisation. We will remember the immortal for everything that he has given to us. For the “Football bloody hell!”, for the famous 1999  half time talk, for the way you said “Suarez is a disgrace for a football club.”, for the most  stylish way in which you walked into the football field, for everything that you have given to me and my United family, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, you will be missed. United For Life.

– Sachin Sengar
(co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)