Humanity Stands Tall

All the luxuries have I
Possessed like a babysitter’s lullaby
I m flying in the furious flight
That pushes me to think that might
I posses my passion before my pride
I shall be escorted by a fairy guide!

But before I begin to break my braces
And you send me beyond the human traces
I may force myself above all
To accept that humanity stands tall!

Humble as I should be
Not replicating the intentions could be
The cause of my deadly downfall
And therefore I shall accept that humanity among all stands tall!

Learning to accept the nature’s faces
Perceiving the precious pearl like phases
Of life that guide us all
That humanity among all stands tall!

Walking down the forest floor
Hearing the hairy kings roar
Felt my nerve and must I call
That humanity should stand tall!

Blessed by a bountiful business
Coping with the morning dizziness
I wish I remain earthly after all
Humanity among all stands tall!

Success is a cause of humanity
Wisest is being human quality
Those gentlemen have made us crawl
towards a notion, humanity among all stands tall!

Inspiring as bowman’s shot
Soothing as a DIXCY SCOT
Obvious as a march past call
That humanity stands tall.

– Sachin Sengar


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