What happened to Yugoslavia?

Yugoslavia was a socialist country and was very much different than other communist countries in eastern Europe.

Tto make it easier to understand, Yugoslavia was only “COMMUNIST” country in which you could FREELY buy Mercedes (or any other western car), drink Coca Cola, smoke Lucky Strike, wear Levi’s, after UK, Yugoslavia had second biggest production of rock songs in Europe, and you could travel freely through western (capitalist) countries,only thing you needed for that is Yugoslav “RED” passport.

Fall of communism in eastern Europe didn’t hit Yugoslavia too much, as it did other countries. After Tito’s death in 1980, two new problems started in Yugoslavia, economic crisis and nationalist movements (firstly Albanian in1981, later Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian…).

In 1989 economy was again in control, but the strong nationalist movements began to break up the country. Serbs wanted Big Serbia which would be half size of Yugoslavia (they wanted to unite with Serbs in Croatia and Bosnia), Croats wanted independence but Serbs in Croatia (more than 500 000) didn’t wanted to live in independent Croatia so civil war started, same thing happened in Bosnia.

Here are the consequences:

1. Wars from 1991 until 1995 and the Kosovo war, bombing of Serbia in 1999.

2. Economy is ruined (except in Slovenia), downfall of moral system, corruption, rising of organized crime, low living standard.

3. Many dead,missing and exiled from their homes…

Yugoslavia wasn’t destroyed because of the fall of communism, but because of rise of nationalist pride and greed, manipulation and lies.

4.In Yugoslavia people were optimistic,idealistic and pride,safe,from the ruins of war new people arise,people who are pessimists,afraid and full of hatred toward one another.

It is funny thing that they are now arguing who destroyed Yugoslavia,because they feel guilty of destroying best country they had.

In summary, the breakup of the Soviet Union had little direct effect on Yugoslavia; Yugoslavia did not depend on the Soviets for anything. However, the momentum in Europe as countries like Lithuania and Latvia became independent and Germany re-unified, did all have some impact on Yugoslavia.

– Sachin Sengar ( Editor)


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