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Seven days a week, we rise early, rush through the morning regime and make it to class, take rounds in clinics and spend wee hours into the night cramming up information inside our heads only to desperately grope for its meagre remanants the next day.And the cycle resumes again because we’re medical students. And we serve humanity, slowly passing into oblivion in this changing world.


The pure, innocent, unbridled minds are honed with countless stories of kindness and morals from a young age, but the second they emerge from the fantasy to the perils of the real world, it’s nothing but a fable written by the deluded. In a world where the cunning prevail and the sincere, honest man struggles to make ends meet, a cold sense of indifference soon hardens a benevolent heart. The tainted pages of history are evidential of a blasphemous world where killing and war were glorified, gruesome forms of execution were deemed entertaining by the mob and women were considered solely as mediators of childbirth unworthy of respect. Today, we claim to have overcome such brutalities of the past, but have we truly?

Where is the compassion when the media is flooded with news of a two year old being raped or a child being sexually assaulted by his very own relatives. The country reeled in shock with the cold blooded murder of Nitish Katara for the simple reason of being in love and countless other couples who have been slain just because their families value a misnomer of ‘honor’ above all else. Elderly senior citizens live bereft in a rootless existence when their very own children shirk from their pleading hands. Young budding students are driven to contemplation of suicide owing to bullying and isolation by the ‘better sought after’ lot. One man fires at another just because they live across a border. Men are beaten up over parking brawls. The heart wrenching nirbhaya case that shook the world was an ignominy not just for the vile culprits but our entire society as well, for failing at humanitarianism.

Mankind may have advanced past horizons in every field but sensitivity is something we might be deteriorating at. Ambition, greed, intolerance and envy shadow even the smallest sliver of the light of reasoning, comprehension and compassion trying to escape our inherent being. And so long as this cloud looms over us, we are sure to head towards an apocalypse. Hitler has gone and left an atrocious blot on humanity which can never be washed off but only dimmed by people like mother Teresa, Florence nightingale, Oskar schindler who too continue to leave this world behind in turmoil. After watching a movie like ‘interstellar’ which highlights the sole existence of life as the human race in this infinite expanse of the universe, one understands the sheer incongruity of war and petty fights with their grievous consequences. Blinded by race, class, wealth and power, somehwhere down the line we forgot we belong to the same species, empowered with the ability to comprehend each other’s despair and obliged by a moral duty to help each other.

Time has come to lay down the barriers, both mental and physical and emerge as the united race that we are. Perhaps then we could make this world a better place to live in and tide over the abyss that threatens to engulf our being.

– Nidhi Gupta