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A Degrading Phenomenon

The irksome obligation of graduating from college, the absurd provocations of society to procure a secure future, a bank balance, material excess, formal human relationships and search for fame has led man to a point when he calls the world he lives in “developed”. Scientific developments, infrastructure has pulled us back from our engagement with nature, the truth that supports life on earth. Human’s direct interaction with nature has suffered a knee – jerk blow, to put it politely. The comforts, the luxuries, the advancements have taken us away from our raw existence and the purpose of why we were born. Therefore, we live a major proportion of our lifespan virtually, away from what’s raw and real.

I am writing this but I want fame, I want money like each one you do, at the same time I know that if I’ll be doing that, I’ll be lying to myself. But why can I not do it, if I claim to know the reality, and the kind of mess I am heading into? Maybe I do not have the balls to do it, in fact most of you do not have the balls to run away from the societal obligations you have been nurtured into for years. The saddest part is that, we do not feel the obligations, we are accustomed to them so much so that we have accepted them, at the cost of the purpose of our living.

I have been a mediocre student in school, and a below mediocre in college. People judge me, they doubt if I’ll ever be able to complete my graduation. Assignments not done, projects not completed, exceptionally bad evaluations and all that results into an exceptionally bad degree or maybe not even a degree. The loved ones, loved me, because I am irresponsible and therefore they do not see security of a possible common future. ‘Taking tomorrow’s exam and proving that I am good to claim that piece of degree is more important than my freedom of life’. ‘I must cancel my excursion trips because I am not granted holidays for the same.’ So in a concrete dot, I have pushed myself to engage in obligations that hold me back from what’s true and what guarantee a monetarily/socially secure future which of course gives you a social status. But my question is isn’t a secure future the biggest enemy of an adventurous soul?

– Sachin Sengar

(Editor- Backroom Defiance)