It has been exactly 2 years and 17 days since Mamta Banerjee sworn in as the Chief Minister of West Bengal and formed the State government along with bunch Tollywood superstars, sport-persons, artists and Derek O’Brien . And since then she’d been in and out of news frequently. She rose to fame when she successfully forced Ratan Tata out of Singur. Most importantly, she came in power after 31 years long rule by the Left Front. She was there because she claimed that she was the “poriborton” or change the people wanted. I too believe that in a democracy 31 straight years in power is enough for the ruling party to become complacent. And thus, change is 9798.mamata-humour3necessary!!
But no one needs this sort of change. The change proved to be expensive for many. This is West Bengal Government for and by the pseudo neo-liberal upper middle class and the capitalists. This government has drafted no new policy to prove that they’re here to change things. But the situation has only worsened in the state leading unreasonable bloodshed of opposition party workers and leaders.
But there are many incidences to prove utter lawlessness in the state and that “Didi” has no control over her party workers. Starting from giving out hate speeches, shooting cops to be a part of scam, everything has happened in these 2 years. I guess the State was more democratic under the rule of a Communist Government.
But for now let’s talk about “Didi”. She’s the most fickle minded leader I’ve ever seen. She sees “Kaunspeeraasi” in everything from a rape, to fire in market place she even thinks a simple forwarded cartoon is a murder threat; and anyone to questions her is a “maoisht”. Can you believe this without even doing a thing; she made into Times 100 most influential people and 50 most influential people in the world of finance. The condition was not good because of negligence of the Central Government and lack of MNCs due to presence of communist government. Over that Didi further reduced the chances of development with her baseless protests against the SEZ in Nandigram and Tata Motor’s Nano Plant in Singur. Though she plummeted in eyes of public, but truth lies elsewhere. True picture of Nandigram and Singur completely different to what the TMC and the media presented to the world. Even years after the Singur incidence, the “fertile agricultural land” lies barren. Most of the people, who were going to get jobs in the factory, are rendered jobless; some had to migrate to Sananda in Gujarat. While campaigning Didi claimed that she’s against bandhs. It is quite funny because she had called many of them when she was in opposition. Then during the 2012 Presidential election after failing to muster required support and afraid of landing on the losing side she gave her party support to382123_10151540600614437_1688315418_n Pranab Mukherjee for the post of President of India after a long drama over the issue, She also said” she was personally a “great fan” of Mukherjee and wished he grows from strength to strength”. She attributed the increasing incidence of rape in the country to “more free interaction between men and women”. She said, “Earlier if men and women would hold hands, they would get caught by parents and reprimanded but now everything is so open. It’s like an open market with open options.” In Her opinion of the rapes reported in Kolkata remain political tools by her opposition, and that their news are exaggerated. However, Mamata is ignorant of the condition in which girls and women live in villages in West Bengal as well as nationwide. As a woman in power, something more was expected from her. The media which helped her in propaganda against the Left front was also accused of Exaggerating matters. She’s the one who says they have no state funds to give incentives to farmers and spend other Millions on organizing fests and give it away to IPL team after they win the trophy. She’s the one to after increasing taxes on tobacco asks publi to smoke to compensate those who lost their money in Chit Fund Scams……Sadly these chronicles are expected to continue for 1-2 terms more at least due to lack of strong opposition.

God save people of West Bengal and give them strength!

– Suprabho Dhenki (


India, Pakistan and Stupidity

The disintegration of India on religious grounds was one the consequence of United India being a society flooded with backward, narrow-minded, un-secular, selfish, greedy and illiterate religious as well as political leaders. One instance of non-sense decision-making, which was inevitable by 1947, led to 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 uncalled for clashes. Between these dates are infinite numbers of incidents of relatively smaller magnitude but have shaped this ‘illogical’ rivalry strongly. Some might argue that the colonial rule planned this partition and talk about the famous ‘divide and rule’ strategy used by the United Kingdom, but my question is “Was a country of 300 million that big a dumbfuck that I could not understand what the colonial masters are upto or we never wanted to act?”. Whatever may have been scenario back then, one thing we can conclude from it is that we are facing the wrath of it now.

A Pakistani cricketer can’t feature in the IPL because a Pakistani soldier beheads an Indian soldier at LOC. A Pakistani Prisoner is beaten to death in an Indian prison because an Indian prisoner was beaten to death in Pakistani prison a week back. Pakistan captures Kargil, because India captured Siachen. So quite clearly we’ve played a ‘tit for tat’ game against each other to maintain the hatred, gain absolutely nothing and showcase our blunt stupidity. And we deserve some recognition for that.
Apart from allowing a slow growing China in 1950 to become a superpower and a virtually a dictator of terms in the neighborhood in 2013,  maintaining the rivalry, and holding the tag of being one of the most hunger stricken nations on earth, both of us have managed to become nuclear states. This is the story of  two nations that cannot feed their children properly but can feed their nuclear projects quite handsomely to fight an ‘illogical’  war that is ongoing for 66 years. I feel sorry to write this blog, but there is as alarming need for us to grow up and act like the children of ‘the oldest civilization’ on earth.

With Pakistan engaged in internal challenges and India dreaming of ‘mission 2042’ we need to look upon the ground realities and understand an a fact that “India and Pakistan can be each other’s biggest strengths.” How? If we analyze the world map carefully we stumble upon a stubborn certainty, that most superpowers on earth maintain highest order of regional co-operation and well-being and in India’s case Pakistan is one of the most important player in India’s subcontinent. ‘Aman’ (peace) with Pakistan to India means a deduction in defense expenditure, increase of economic activities, increase in people to people connection which in my opinion are some of the key ingredients in the recipe of a “SUPERPOWER”. For Pakistan it is holds much more value. Peace with India means, deduction in defense expenditure of a bankrupt nation that is fighting a self imposed war on two fronts. Peace with India means complete military focus on the western front, Baluchistan and home grown extremism; it also means an exponential boost to a broken economy. Beside all these selfish objectives, peace will pave the path of a phenomenal emotional integration of two of the most same people disintegrated by a thin strip of land, 66 years back .

– Sachin Sengar (co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)

Godfather says Au Revoir

Amid the warring Britain in 1941, when Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson was born and the traditional Scottish celebrations had begun in a small unknown family of Scotland, nobody in the wildest of dreams would have dreamt that this man will do something that not even a few could do in entire lifetime.  That’s how special the great man has been ever since 1941. To many he would have sounded funny when he promised Manchester United that he will kick Liverpool of the fucking perch. He did what sounded seemingly impossible to achieve  in a century in 1/4th the time. After 26 years 6 months and 6 days, he has earned himself a stature so big that he is a human being very close to god.

Greatest manager of all time.
Greatest manager of all time.

You could feel the love he had for this great football club in the farewell speech that he made, you could feel that Manchester United FC is more than just  anything, its his life.  His voice wobbled when he thanked the entire Man United organisation. We will remember the immortal for everything that he has given to us. For the “Football bloody hell!”, for the famous 1999  half time talk, for the way you said “Suarez is a disgrace for a football club.”, for the most  stylish way in which you walked into the football field, for everything that you have given to me and my United family, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson, you will be missed. United For Life.

– Sachin Sengar
(co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)

When America talks of international peace? Bloody Hell!

Yeah Baby!

They talk of peace, harmony, they claim to be the watchdogs of international community, and what else not? They fabricate a resolution they violate it. They massacre untold number of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan  to “Install democracy”. But still they are the ultimate peacemakers. Why? I don’t know. Maybe because they are  called United States of America.

I feel like laughing at this amazing american hypocrisy  and at the same time it pisses me off.
Israeli Prime Minister Natanyahu says “United States’s  mission is to stabilize the middle east.” Seriously? Actually we are not able to come up with a “make out” of his comments. By stabilizing, he means Israel’s  uninterrupted ability to oppress Palestine and of course he is a multi millionaire thanks to the american taxpayers and US government. And they deserve to be designated as the as “stabilizers” by Natanyahu. The funny part is, these comments are like the triggers to impress the boss and expect an  elevation in the pay scale. 

They remind international community of  of a series of UN resolutions violated by North Korea. But they don’t have the audacity and the fortitude to justify Vietnam bombing madness. Neither does anyone dares to inquire. ( Note : US dropped more bombs on Vietnam in the Vietnam War, than those dropped in World War 2 altogether. ) US navy shoots an Indian fisherman down, don’t have the courtesy to issue an apology. Obama showcases the epitome of shamelessness by defending his Navy with baseless arguments.

Kandahar Civilian Massacre. Afghanistan

I  fully support the idea of an organization like UN, but mounting episode of dilution of UN mandates and plain ignorance of UN Charter provokes you to doubt UN’s democratic base. Hence, USA finds the fruits of such a democratic, yet an undemocratic body like UN. US flexes its body on international community whenever it chooses to and the situation in middle-east is no less exemplary. America’s plain and blunt hypocrisy is outspoken and loud enough to reach even the most inanimate element in universe but the tragedy is that even the most animate elements of earth become inert to pose questions.
Why? Because America is the watchdog of international peace?  Bloody Hell!

“I request everyone to watch the video below.Secret Wikileaks video of American army killing civilians in Iraq. “

– Sachin Sengar (co- Editor, Backroom Defiance)

“Wouldn’t they call him names?”

A Leader. An Underachiever.

The debate on ‘FDI in retail’ goes on and without doubt, entire nation has been bipolarised. Though there is bipolarisation on support for policies, methods of dissent and acceptance are truly diversified. I too cannot escape these two basic trends but my take is a bit different. Those who are in support of PM accentuate his firmness to carry on reform even in coalitions and in the face of difficulties to do welfare for aam admi.Against the conviction that our PM is responding to Times’ ‘Underachiever’ issue, they drive home instances, where PM seems to have defied Washington and hence, Wouldn’t they call him names?”  The firmness and tactfulness shown by UPA government is indeed remarkable and it brisks off in style the recent debate on the procedures for formation of government laid by our constitution.

Lets do it Mr. PM.

I have a question for my firm PM and tactful UPA chairperson. Where does all this firmness and tactfulness go when it comes to corruption? Why do they have to hide their face under the ugly mask of ‘limitations of coalition politics’? I feel utterly despaired and hopeless when I see a very feeble and dishonest PM allowing rampant corruption under his nose and then trying to escape under the refuge of coalition politics. It seems that the welfare of people and smooth functioning of the government are only secondary to maintaining coalition. Why can’t he sack the corrupt minister and risk coalition as he has done this time around? Just because corruption is not at all an issue for UPA and Congress. Mr. Rahul Gandhi had once even tried to clear this by saying that of the one rupee that his ‘benevolent and kind family’ ‘releases’ from ‘their’ treasury; only one paisa reaches aam admi as if they are some donators who have no control over the petty officials and ministers who are responsible to distribute the money to the people it has been donated to. UPA and Congress live in the reverie of the long dead frameworks of history, secularism and most new to the list a good economic policy, at least at the national level. A parallel can be drawn with 2004 Bihar. A weak political culture in the state had created an illusion even some intellectuals could not escape. When RJD had won 22 seats out of 40 in the Lok Sabha elections, it was thought that the caste-ridden political cobweb of Laloo Prasad Yadav had created a powerful fort no party or even party-alliance could breach. Though it was breached feebly by Nitish Kumar then and later a taste of a good alternative gradually hardened the voter to close the shutters of Bihar Legislative Assembly for Laloo and his casteist gang; in the case of UPA it seems that they may live in their reverie in the absence of a good alternative for the coming few years. They must remember, democracy does not bear false promise makers and irresponsible and arrogant politicians for long; hence, one thing’s for sure, the day is not far when the whole country is going to vote shit on the hands of Rahul, Sonia, UPA and Congress, no Manmohan because he does not even have the guts to spread his hands. It is continuous buttering and a Rajya Sabha seat that he disgraces the post of stalwarts like Nehru, Shashtri and Vajpayee. Even once when he spread his hand, he only got shit. He is a true underachiever.

by Sachin Sengar (Co- Editor Backroom Defiance)

What if I slap the shit out of PM?


In 1950 when Dr. BR Ambedkar presented or rather blessed India with THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION, the western globe was shell shocked.  A country brutally governed by English, brought down to its knees through a knee jerk punch on the face at the hands of foreigners, could rise in such a phenomenal fashion, they never thought that.  There were N number of philosopher’s, economists, politician around the globe who predicted India is potentially a superpower in 20 year’s time.
There were claims that no country will have a better political grasp on its affairs than India.

My ultimate dream..!

Sixty two years since then, we still ain’t a superpower, still in the process. We are politically a BANANA REPUBLIC in the making. What went wrong?  China during the same time i.e. 1950s had a much lower growth and was a considered a weak republic. And now they are with no second thought are the second most powerful country. If you are an Indian like I am, you don’t even feel like going into the details of it.

After the reforms in 1990, there was a hope. We transformed gigantic, under the parliament that followed. And then suddenly we were the fastest growing economy along with Brazil. Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM gave us a vision. Atal Bihari Bajpayee tried to look through it. Until, 2004 when the UPA government got a chance to facilitate “THE GREAT INDIAN DOWNFALL.”
Dr. Manmohan Singh made a national record of being the most INspoken Prime Minister. The cabinet ministers plundered a nation where 25% of people struggle to make ends meet.  Scams after scams COALGATE, CWG, 2G, Aviation etc etc right under the nose of PM, and he says remained heedless. Lacs of crores of rupees gambled under your governance and you are unaware of it? Mr. PM why are you still sitting there, where you sit in the parliament?

IPC Code 124 (a) on me?

And THEN TOMORROW IF I SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF PM, they will drag to jail, under a series of INVENTED codes listed under IPC.
But who will kick  PM of that filthy throne of his,  to share the jail with me under IPC code 420?
Here my friends I leave you with this question. A question for which I may not have the intellect to answer! 

     – Sachin Sengar (Editor In-Chief)
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