Today, the problem is that we have all stopped believing and have agreed to settle for what we get, for mediocrity, for norms and for monotony. We have stopped digging into situations for solutions and let them be. We have stopped working for more but increasingly want more. We have stopped trusting our abilities and judging our actions and let others do it for us. We no longer have the urge to learn, we are no longer driven to explore. But today I realised that in life going with this flow is no less than having your life wasted. I want to believe in all of it again. In food, art and love. In the beauty of nature, poetry and women. In search of hope when there is dark and in the presence of faith when all you have is dejection. I want to believe that love conquers all and that people are perfect and knowledge is infinite. I want to believe that future has something great in store. I want remind someone who has lost all faith that God does not give up on us so easily. In this gloomy world which has lost all hope I want to introduce some light that clears this darkness. I want to believe in a personal God who cares about me and oversees everything I do and I want to believe in an impersonal God who promises to rise this pall of hatred and promote love when we all give up. I want to believe that mud and children were once best friends and that unless you dig deeper in your fudge you won’t find the last walnut bite. I want to believe in cruelty and loyalty to know their real worth. I want to believe in casual chaos, in the uncertainty of ideas and decisions, in blind sheer luck and equally rewarding hard work. I want to believe in the beauty of horizon just before the sunset, in snow caps and in rainbows. I want to believe that life is hidden in little things of joy, and that trust and mistrust are not to be blamed for heartbreaks. I want to believe in the invisible principles that govern our lives and I want to believe in the power of our superego. I want to learn to respect imperfections and settle in agreement with myself with respect to my conscience, decisions, vision and view of life. I want to believe that life is what happens while we are alive so why not we make the most of it.


– Gauri Bansal (Editor, Backroom Defiance)

– Illustration by Suprabho Dhenki




It is said that the most courageous act of a brave person is the one in which he can confidently look into the eyes of the thing he fears the most, fearlessly. In about 11 months from now I’d be done with my school life and instead of being optimistic and uncertain about the new life that I am going to enter, I fear turning oblivious to these 14 years that I have spent in my alma-mater. Childish giggles will soon be replaced by mature smiles, cranky tantrums into unexpressed stress, my decisions then could change my life and I would no longer have second chances to correct my mistakes. Had it not been for these years, I would not have been proud of a zillion memories that I have today. I fear not being able to be dependent on my parents, I fear success, I fear failure, I fear isolation in the hard times that I will have and I fear oblivion. Your primary school is your best guide, your elementary school, your best friend and your high school is your best teacher. Look at who you are today, you weren’t the same a few years back and you won’t be the same a few years from now but I believe you will always be a part of what you have been all through. Going on in the big world and having to fight for your own survival, not being able to seek through doors to find candy jars, not being able to hide test papers anymore, not being able to dance my way through corridors, not being able to amble around aimlessly without any responsibilities, not being able to catch butterflies and being amused by nature and art is what I fear. Having made these confessions, I realise it now that it does not matter how many hurdles have your overcome by now, what will always be of more importance is realising which hurdle scared you, which taught you and which made you fall. There is a grand and an unstoppable life awaiting you and this time the hurdles are unknown, the opportunities are limited, success is uncertain and chances of errors are maximised. I don’t fear moving on, I fear not being able to relive these wonderful years gone by. But you have a choice in this world, either be scared of your fears or mould yourself, create the ideal you, and be the kind of person, you have aspired to be all your life.

-Image Courtesy – Suprabho Dhenki

– Gauri Bansal (Editor, Backroom Defiance)


Cell Phone Story – A Marketing Strategy Revelation

                                                               Image Courtesy : Google

Smart phone brands like Sony, micromax, Samsung and
HTC hardly manufacture a phone which has the potential
to establish astonishing benchmarks.
The reason behind this is a simple marketing strategy, that
if a user gets a full fledged smartphone without any
feature lacking, then he/she would not be buying any
other flagship in future as it would only suffice their
The main problem observed with these smartphone is that
either of the CPU or GPU in a phone restricts its full
potential to deliver optimum performance. Phones that
have got a support of mediatek processors(ranks after
Qualcomm) hardly supports a better GPU. Micromax is the
best example as they are continuously manufacturing
units with CPU support of Mediatek and GPU support of
PowerVR series. This the sole reason that though it has
the power of a quad core processor but high end games
like nova 3 and dead space performances are
underwhelming with low fps.
Similarly, Sony smart phone hardly manufactures any
phone with better GPU in the budget of a comman man.
Their aim is to somehow turn a mobile phone into a
camera and are still boasting on their exmor lenses.
HTC on the other hand has decided to offer the luxury of
carrying a branded phone with high performance to upper
classes. As if it is some kind of discrimination.
Samsung is just concentrating on providing an upgraded
version of their previous flagship with same curved body
boring design.
LG seems to be only concentrating on nexus devices and G
series providing at higher costs.
Other specs of a phone that the company plays with are
1. Restricting internal storage.
2. No memory slots.
3. No dual sim availability.
4. Non removable battery.
5. Screen size.
6. Camera quality.
7. Pixel density.
8. Screen resolution.
Other features like ram and internet speed are almost
same in every model.
At this particular point in the field of gadgets and devices
their are some brands like Google, xiomi and Asus which
are doing a great job by providing phones like moto x, mi
3 and Asus zenfone6 respectively at affordable prices.
Windows phones are the best when it comes to
performance and imaging.
An ideal smart phone with high performance can be
manufactured around 15k – 20k. With specs of
1. 2gb ram.
2. 8 GB internal memory.
3. 1.5 GHz quad core processor.
4. Adreno 330 GPU.
5. Dual sim.
6. 5 inch full HD screen with approx 314ppi.
7. 2500 mah battery.
8. 13 mp primary and 5 mp secondary camera.
9. 64gb expandability.
10. Screen protection.
But hardly they manufacture awesome stuff like this as
people will stop buying their other models. So, these
brands never provide the above mentioned specs in a
single device at affordable rates.
This is the sole reason that people are switching phone
more often and accelerating the never ending urge to get
an ideal smartphone.


– Arpit Dubey (Tech Editor, Backroom Defiance)


Malaysian Airlines – The Revival Plan


“The Malaysian flag carrier, majority-owned by the government, is likely to change its name as part of a radical overhaul and also seek new investors to rebuild its business after two major tragedies within six months killing 537 people.”

-The Telegraph
According to psychologists, names are often associated with qualities by the human mind. By changing its name, a company is trying to assure the consumer that the company has somehow become safer or more efficient.
The national carrier of Malaysia is working hard to do exactly this. According to sources, a massive restructuring will include a strategic review of all destinations and flight routes.
As unique as it may seem, this is not the first that a company has tried to save its tarnished reputation by changing its name.

Another company that had a similar experience was Nissan Motor Corporation. Initially known as Datsun, by the 1970s, the company had rebranded itself as Nissan almost everywhere across the world except in the United States. During World War II, the company manufactured and sold military equipment to the Axis powers under the name Nissan.  In order to avoid animosity and hostility towards its name, the company continued to operate under the name Datsun in the US until 1981.
Today, Nissan has partnerships and alliances with prominent American companies like General Motors and Ford.

The most tragic example however, is the company Union Carbide . For the few who don’t know, Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), whose majority stakeholder was Union Carbide, was involved in a massive tragedy. A gas leak in 1984 at the Bhopal plant of UCIL caused by a callous approach towards the safety procedures and cost cutting at UCIL plants caused the immediate death of about 3,000 people and about 15,000 more over the subsequent weeks. In 1994, Union Carbide sold its shares in Union Carbide India Limited. The company was then named Eveready Industries India Limited.


Today, it is a very successful company. It dominates the dry-cell and flashlight markets in India, with market shares of about 45 % and 85% respectively.
However, it was more than merely changing names that changed the company’s fortune. The company paid massive amounts to the Government after the tragedy. It contributed a significant sum to the Prime Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund and set up a trust fund of its own for the victims.


As has been proven by history,  changing names along with  adopting better policy can  most certainly save a company  and while it is almost certain  that Malaysian Airlines will  restore its image and regain its  market share in the long run, it  is unlikely that consumer  confidence in the company will be restored by a mere changing of names. It is therefore imperative that the company ushers in a series of reforms in its operations and works intensively on its public image if it wants to regain its previous reputation.

– Image Courtesy – Google

– Vikramaditya

Nature Discriminates

“Nature discriminates, its natural.” I have been making peace with my conscience since a long time with this line. Each time those hollow eyes look at me through the rolled up windows of the car, asking me to buy yet another flower to give to a loved one, so that maybe today, they can take back some money. Each time the child of my house helper accompanies her and gives the toys of my sibling a wistful look; Each time I see them loitering outside my society playing with their new found tire while my cousin is busy with a new Nintendo edition to his collection; each time during winters when I see the watchman of my building trying to keep himself warm with a tattered, flimsy blanket while I look ahead to a hot shower followed with nestling hot soup in blanket.



How could god be so unfair? While on one hand he gifted us with the mind and intellect to develop our lives, on the other hand, how could he over look the pain of so many? Who on earth invented the words ‘rich’ and ‘poor’?  Why was there a need to create a category for the under privileged? To make them aware of the fact they are different from you and me? As if they did not know that already. Because I do not know whether to feel guilty that I am blessed to be born in a financially stable family or ignore the fact that while I am here getting a tetanus for that scratch I got from a rusted pin, on the other hand a kid just lost his life because his family could not afford 10k for his treatment. All these years I have tried to dodge such thoughts with “Nature Discriminates”.


snigdhaI am not going to preach    about  how we should donate  and  help those in need  because a person who does  that,    needs  not to be asked  to  do that. It’s a feeling that  comes  from  within. We are  told that in life, we should  concentrate on  the positive  aspects of life and ignore the  negative ones. But  tell me, if we keep on focusing on our  happiness, how on  earth are we ever going to make way  for the pain for others  to ease?



Yes, I can start my NGO and teach under privileged  children.

Yes, I can once in a while give my ice cream to a kid who does not even know how to pronounce the word.

Yes, I can as much as possible, donate towards the medical expenses of those in need even if it is just a grand.

Yes, I cannot appoint an underage kid as a helper in my house.


asmit 1

But amidst the confusion of choosing between Levis and Adidas; Paris and Ibiza; tough guy burger and not so wicked burger, the compassion and the thoughtfulness somewhere gets lost.

I am not saying that we sacrifice and become a hermit but what I want to convey is when you can spare 2k for that DJ night, you sure can save 200 bucks a month and save that for a year and donate it to an orphanage.

Yes, I am saving. Yes I am taking the initiative.




– Sakshi Tyagi

The GATT/WTO conspiracy.

The motive of WTO/GATT or World bank as we bookishly understand was to mend and reconstruct dying economies or avoid a probable economic crisis. But the backroom reality is quite dry to digest. GATT agreement was an economic conspiracy by the developed nations particularly United States of America to suck developing economies, putting a heavy lid on their economic growth rate. The article is a product of a fine research gone into it. The article ahead unleashes the dark side of the Duncle Draft (GATT Agreement).

1948 saw the birth of GATT with a motive of tackling economic havocs that might follow after the WWII and to a large extent the initial clauses served the principal purpose of the document. But in 1986 when America and other nations of west flourished economically due to globalization, they saw a probable dark cloud over this model of never ending globalization. The dangerous clouds were high trade and tariffs and other quantitative barriers on foreign goods in most of  the land in South Asia and Africa which meant half of the globe.
Thus, with this USA used all it’s might to rise and alter and amend the GATT clauses. A committee was setup for the same presided by Mr. Arthur Duncle, the committee came up with an altered version of GATT Agreement or Duncle Draft or WTO Agreement. In 1991 when India faced its worst economic setback, India went to European economies for loans and that’s when India was made to sign the Duncle Draft on 15 December 1994, the interesting fact under the table was that, right after India signed the document 76 nations including Pakistan signed the same document the very next day I.e. 16 December 1994. The sad part is that, the only reason these nations had to sign the document was India’s ratification of the same, afterall India was presiding over G77 at that point and all these nations were members of it. That meant, in two day’s time western superpowers could expand their market in 77 countries without a significant duty. The direct implications of which were to be faced by domestic production houses and enterprises.
The most shocking reality I came across while going through a small research to deliver the article was, USA signed the agreement in 1995, right after India and these 76 nations did. Before signing the agreement, USA played a masterstroke that caught the entire world wrong footed. An amendment to the US constitution was passed in US parliament that said “US constitution will always prevail over all international treaties.” which means that if there is a conflict between GATT clauses and US constitution, the US constitution will prevail.
This marked the beginning of the largest economic conspiracy theory, dark consequences of which are till date faced by every domestic manufacturing unit of most developing countries around the world.

-Sachin Sengar (Editor Backroom Defiance)

Reason Your Revolution.